Fees are payable for the consultation by debit/credit card, cheque or cash. Insurance companies in the UK do not cover consultations with a GP. Pathology, radiology investigations and specialist referrals may be covered, dependent on your insurance policy. In principle, we do not deal with third parties directly. All claim forms are sent to the patient to forward to the insurer.

A fee will be charged for cancellation without reasonable notice.

Laboratory fees are additional.

Covid Testing Kit (PCR Swab) – £150


All consultations are time-based. Telephone consultations start from a minimum of a 15-minute time slot.

Consultation – 30 minutes £200
Consultation – 1 hour £350
Mini Consultation – 15 minutes £100
Consultation by Telephone (Based on time) £100-350
Email Consultations £50-100
Phlebotomy (Blood taking) £30
Prescription Emailed to Chemist £40
Well Woman Health Check £300
Well Man Health Check £300
Child Developmental Check £180

Additional Fees

Prescription £30
Prescription Emailed to Chemist £40
Phlebotomy (Blood taking) £30
Smear Test £65
Fitness to drive a vehicle £50
Ear Syringe £90


Copy of Patient Notes £200-500
Driving Licence Validation £30
Gun Licence Form £30
Holiday Cancellation £80-150
Insurance Claim Form £60-100
Insurance Reports £200-300
Legal Report £100-500
Letter to Airline £40
Medical Report for Exemption £60
Passport Validation £60
Private Sick Certificate £40
Referrals £60-100
Request Forms £30-50


Diphtheria + Tetanus and Polio – Revaxis £90
Hepatitis A £70
Hepatitis B – course of 3 £200
HPV Vaccine – Gardasil, course of 2 £300
Influenza Vaccination (Given in consultation) £40
Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine – Pneumovax £80
Varicella (Shingles) £60

Travel Vaccinations

Hepatitis A vaccination (Havrix Mono), course of 2 £100
Hepatitis A + Typhoid £100
Typhoid/Typhim £50

All costs exclude consultation fee.

Injectable Treatments

Kenalog £50
Sustanon £50
Vitamin B12 £55

All costs exclude consultation fee.


Copper IUD £60
Depo Provera Injection £50
Diaphragm fitting £75
Mirena IUD £35
Pregnancy test £30

All costs exclude consultation fee.