Dr Horsewood-Lee is available for consultation from Monday to Friday. Consultations generally last 30 minutes. Routine illnesses can sometimes be addressed in a shorter appointment time while health screens, full medicals and psychological assessments may require a longer appointment. Helpful hints

All patients retain a copy of their own medical records and receive updates from the practice, normally to their confidential email address so that they have a complete record at all times. This is of particular benefit to patients travelling regularly or to those who have a home in more than one location.

Chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes and hypertension issues are dealt with during routine consultations. The practice has a proactive policy to recall all patients with chronic conditions in accordance with accepted disease surveillance protocols and guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.


General medicine Most illness and well-being matters can be assessed and a treatment plan developed and shared with the patient.
Health screening Annual comprehensive health screening available to all adults and children, including a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s physical and emotional health with appropriate investigations, reports and follow-up.
Specialist referrals Rapid referrals to Dr Horsewood-Lee’s comprehensive network of leading London specialists in both mainstream and complementary medicine. Referral appointments for further diagnosis and treatment available at very short notice.
Medical gynaecology Assessment and investigation of the full spectrum of women’s health issues.
Antenatal and postnatal care Pregnancy care arranged with an obstetrician and midwife team at hospital or at home.Click here for notes on the Management of Pregnancy.
Contraceptive advice Advice given on a wide range of options, including IUD insertions and hormonal injections.
Menopausal advice Pre-menopausal counselling and HRT treatment, both natural and conventional.
Cervical cancer vaccination Click here for more information.
Paediatric immunisations The full range of childhood vaccines is available.Click here for the Paediatric Vaccination Programme. International schedules can be followed.
Travel immunisations Full travel vaccination and advice service, excluding Yellow Fever, with the latest information from MASTA (Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad).
Spa referrals Information and advice about day spas and destination spas in the UK and worldwide.